Hi hi hi everyone....

Here with Christine as the founder of Florenco :D 

"Tak kenal maka tak sayang" - that's what ppl say in Indonesia

so, here am I ..

uhmm... honestly, I don't know where to start... because this is my first time doing this. This kind of awkward for me but hope you enjoy reading my love letter <3 <3

(please understand :p my mbti is "I" hehehe)

I start writing bcs I think this is my chance to express my gratitude to everyone

who has followed Florenco's journey from the beginning, from what we were called Flo&Co and now we are Florenco. (THANKSSS GUYS :') ) 

Last March 3rd 2023 was the day when Florenco celebrated her second birthday (touched and proud at the same time huhuhu).

Fyi, Florenco went through quite a lot of processes, especially last year.. It hit us so hard hmmm

I know it's not only happen to us but to all brands out there.. and I'm so blessed that Florenco passed that time and still here serving you, guys.. (thankyou thankyou and thankyouuuuu!!!!!)

For this year, I wish I can bring Florenco to the next level (playing aespa song) , to be even better but still with the same priority, product quality and services and hope one day Florenco could become one of Indonesia's proud brands as well..

Please looking foward of our next upcoming project !! Me and my team are working superb hard thesedays to make it happen (goodjob,team love you too guys hihihi) 


I think i've to end this letter soon ? ( I spent 1.5 hours for writing these HAHAHAHA)

Other than "Thankyou" , I would like to say "So nice to meet you" as well.

Hope this letter could make us feel closerrrr even moreeeee, yah

Don't hesitate to drop hi and talk to me from Instagram too 

ig: Christineelim (numpang paid promote yak :p) 

Again, Thankyou guys and Love youu ALL